Common BMW Repairs and Maintenance

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Known for their reliability and style, BMW is one of the most well-known luxury cars on the market. When you’re first looking for a new car one of the best things to do is do your research. From ticket price to common repairs, every car has their perks and downsides. However, BMW is one of the most popular cars for a reason.

They’re made to last, provide unrivaled safety features, deliver incredible performance, and are among the most aesthetically pleasing vehicles available. But just as every car has issues arise, BMW is no exception (depending on the model and year). When considering purchasing a BMW here are a few common repairs to consider.

Most Common BMW Repairs

While staying up-to-date with scheduled maintenance is the best antidote for car problems, there are a few key repairs to watch out for. Let’s discuss.

  • BMW Battery Safety Terminal (BST)

A safety feature designed to reduce the potential for fires the BST disconnects the positive cable from the battery whenever an accident occurs. It’s great in design and helps save lives, but it can disconnect during minor accidents.

  • Rear Differential Leak

The differential in your BMW can begin to leak over the years. We simply solve the problem by draining the differentially and replacing the seal to the input shaft. It’s typically an inexpensive fix that takes minimal downtime.

  • Hood Lift Supports

Another common BMW repair is replacing the hood supports. This is typically a problem seen in older BMWs but is quick and easy—only taking about 5 minutes.

  • Interior Wear and Tear

This is a problem for any vehicle that sees regular use. While the seating area of the BMW holds up fairly well, we tend to see wear around the windows and controls panel. This isn’t a problem mechanically but can be visually annoying.

  • Airbag System

One of the most common BMW issues has to deal with the airbag light. Typically, the system should only light up when you turn on your BMW and turn off after a few seconds. However, when the light stays on it means the airbags aren’t working properly. Come in to Dave’s Auto Center to get a check. We will either clear up the light malfunction or fix your airbag system so that you’ll be safe in case of an accident.

  • VANOS Rattling

VANOS or the variable valve timing system in BMW vehicles can develop a rattling noise. Although, the repair typically involves replacement, the price does vary and isn’t as expensive as you may think.

  • Instrument Cluster Pixels

Another common issue with BMW models is the circuit board malfunctioning. This can cause the mileage to cluster and fail to show. While there are a variety of problems that can arise, it’s not an irreparable problem. Working with Dave’s Auto Center, we can get your car in and out with readable pixels in no time.

  • CCC iDrive Restarting

One problem we see at Dave’s Auto Center is the iDrive system in the BMW continually rebooting. Although it’s not the most common problem, it can be an expensive one to fix. The repair typically involves removing and even replacing the entire software system to fix certain problems.

  • Door Locking System

Sometimes the door locks in a BMW can stop working. This can include all or some the door locks not working properly. Luckily, we are experienced servicing BMW models and can fix the problem in no time.

  • Rattles & Squeaks

Along with the VANOS system developing a rattle, BMW vehicle owners often mention other rattle and squeaking noises. All of these problems can be bothersome, but they are definitely fixable.

  • Window System

This isn’t a widespread problem across all BMW models, but is notoriously seen in the BMW 3-series E46. It isn’t a very expensive fix when you work with Dave’s Auto Center.

  • Coolant Thermostat

Another common problem that arises in BMWs is the thermostat failing causing the engine to overheat. This is why it’s important to pay attention to the temperature gauge and keep up with scheduled maintenance. The thermostat repair is inexpensive, but left unchecked the problem can lead to more expensive repairs.

  • Hydraulics

Along with cabin noises developing, certain BMW models can develop lifter noises. It’s a common problem and occur when using a lower quality of oil that wears faster than better quality oils.

  • Ignition Coils

Normally ignition coils should last over 100k miles, but BMW ignition coils can often last as early as 60k miles. When one of the ignition coils fail, the check engine light will indicate a problem in the system. It’s a common problem but very easily fixed.

  • Electrical Malfunctioning

Although it’s not as bad as Volkswagen, BMW models have their fair share of electrical issues. These common electrical problems include: wipers, turn signals, cooling fan, iDrive, and more.

  • Blower Motor

A blower motor for the A/C fail is another common repair we see in BMWs. Owners typically notice a problem when air stops flowing through the vents. It’s a job that costs more in parts and is possible to do at home but can be difficult due to limiting space.

  • Water Pump

As one of the first vehicles to use an electrical water pump, BMW vehicles have their own water pump system with its own set of issues. A typical problem among all vehicles, replacing the water pump is costlier because it’s a labor-intensive job.

  • Check Engine Light

Whenever the check engine light turns on it signifies that there is a problem with your vehicle. This is very helpful in detecting problems early on, but a common problem we see in BMWs is that the check engine light doesn’t turn off when the problem is solved. Working with Dave’s Auto Center we can properly diagnose the issue and fix whatever is wrong.

Dave’s Auto Center: Your BMW Repair Specialist in Utah

At Dave’s Auto Center, our BMW mechanics are certified, and specialty trained in BMW auto repair and uniquely equipped to provide the kind of top-notch service BMW drivers have come to expect. One of the premier shops for BMW service in Bountiful, our customers return again and again because they have come to trust the quality of our work and the dependability of our service.

We perform the gamut of major import repair jobs including: cooling system service & repair, suspension & steering repair, transmission repair, as well as standard maintenance work such as a BMW oil change and tune ups. And, if you’re in the market for a BMW, we’ll perform a pre-purchase inspection for you.

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