Repair questions & consultations

Dave and his best mechanics are ready to help you with the questions you have. Please see the available options:

For service at Centerville shop

If you want to come to our shop, please make an appointment.

Auto Center

Other options


Diagnostic video

Here you can watch a video that will help you to assess your car's condition

Submit a question

You can submit a question for future video

Social media

You can find common answer in our social media

Consultation with mechanic

Zoom call

$450/1 hr

You can get on a zoom call consultation with one of our best mechanics

Books & Videos

Coming soon

In this book you will find all the instructions how to maintain your car

Zoom call

$1000/25 min

You can ask Dave any questions - either regarding your car, or your business.

Visiting your shop


Dave is offering training for employees or your business.